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Limestone Concepts is a collection of innovative thinkers adventure enthusiasts with one goal: tell your story in the best way possible.

Located in The Bahamas, Limestone has worked with local, regional and international clients including World Athletics, CONCACAF and FIFA Beach Soccer, the Inter-American Development Bank and the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre, to name a few.

With nearly three decades immersed in marketing, media and public relations, our mission is to empower individuals, businesses, and organizations to effectively communicate their messaging while building lasting relationships with their target audiences and clients.

Vanessa in a Nutshell

Vanessa is a dynamic media and communications specialist with a passion for storytelling. With over 20 years of experience across various sectors, including local, international, corporate, and non-profit, she excels in editorial leadership and cross-functional management.

She has a track record of successfully mobilizing print media teams and coordinating large-scale events, which include sporting events and fashion shows. As a communication conduit for numerous media outlets and brands, she brings a wealth of expertise in journalism, marketing, project management, and media relations.

Vanessa loves telling stories that inspire, enliven and provoke my readers to make changes in and reinvent their lives. Whether it’s to go take that life-long dream vacation or buy the next best cup of java they will never forget, her goal is to help make my client’s messaging matter. Writing fuels her creativity, while her commitment to helping others drives her purpose.

She’s a former mom and grandma to the pit bull nation and a serial hiker.

Ashley’s Story

Ashley’s goals and interests are guided by community culture and her innate passion for researching and sustainably solving challenges that result from and influence social, economic and environmental behaviours.

Her natural gravitation toward all things action-orientated, relevant skills, experiences, and a proven track record guide her as a social media savvy branding beast and story stylist motivated by passion, driven by purpose and equipped with industry knowledge and skills.

In the span of her multifaceted career, Ashley has helped businesses and individuals finetune their functionality through the development and promotion of customized digital and traditional strategies. The tools used increase exposure, elevate and maintain brand image/ company trust, as well as attract others who can add value to a client’s mission and vision (human resources).

Ashley’s time as a reporter and journalist cemented her desire to pursue PR, Marketing and Communications overall. Her switch from everyday news to company-specific communications gave her the freedom to target and underscore the positive, even in seemingly negative scenarios.

Furthermore, from researching and analyzing, to writing and speaking, Ashley’s educational background in the natural and social sciences developed her ability to be coherent and concise. Above all else, Ashley also brings a positive attitude, best practices, an open mind and other qualities necessary for consistent, successful outcomes.

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